Love God.  Love people.  Make disciples.


God is amazing. In fact, more amazing than we can even begin to imagine. God is Love and the creator of love, the Bible tells us that God loves all people in the world. To love God with everything we have and are means to love God knowing that he loves us and desires the best for us.

When we love someone, we want to know everything about them, spend time with them, show our love for them by the words we say, gifts we give. We think about them, we wonder what would make them happy, we delight in seeing them happy, we put them first. We desire to trust them and share ourselves with them.

So it is with God. As a church and as individuals we want to actively love God. This means we spend time learning about God, through reading the Bible and listening to people teaching from it. We learn about what pleases God, and try to live it out. We spend time talking to God by praying, and being aware of God with us. We aim to love God with our lives, living with integrity, trying to honour God with the way we use our time, the way we live and relate to people, the way we use our money. We want to be full of God the Holy Spirit, so we can live and love God more fully.

As people who set out to love God, part of that is accepting the values that he places on other people. This means that loving all people is part of our effort to love God. As a church we aim to love the community around us through our relationships and the activities we do, welcoming all.

Jesus left the church a mandate of making disciples. In other words helping others to become followers of Jesus, people who also love God, love people and make disciples.