Why do Christians make such a big deal about Jesus?


They say a lot of things about how Jesus came to save us.

That we needed to be saved from this thing called sin.

They say that Jesus is God.

That he died a death on a cross for all people.

They say that we can have a relationship with God.

That God is somehow interested in our mundane lives…


Even if you don’t believe these things, have you ever wondered what this Jesus character was actually like?

Did he have friends?  Did he tell jokes?  Did he cry?


There are written accounts of things Jesus said and did.  If we believe Jesus is in fact God then there is one account in particular which I feel says a lot about who God is.  When you read this, bear in mind that Jesus had clearly said that he was God.  That he had existed before the creation of the Universe and that he had in fact created it.


Let’s set the scene.  Jesus had been executed for upsetting the status quo with the religious leaders of the day.  They didn’t like that he had said he was God himself.  A lot can be said about how Jesus dealt with being arrested and executed, but it is interesting to look at what happened after he had died.  You see, Jesus’ followers said that Jesus came back to life three days later.  After this he appeared to them in different situations.  One of these was on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.


Jesus’ followers hadn’t quite got it all about who Jesus was.  They weren't expecting that Jesus would come back to them.  They thought it was all over.  Some of them decided to go back to doing what they knew, fishing.  But all night they had no luck and caught nothing.  They probably felt like the world was against them.  They had spent all this time following this person who they thought was from God and he had died and seemingly left them with nothing.  The next morning a man they didn’t recognise (at first) asked them to have breakfast with him.  He had cooked them fish and made bread.  They sat together on that shore and enjoyed each other’s company.  They had realised by now who it was (this is another story).


Think about this, Christians believe that after everything that had gone on, all the time Jesus had spent teaching the people and his followers about God, all of the miracles that were documented that he performed, after he was arrested, died on the cross, after he came back to life and went to heaven, after all this that he came back to see his followers, his friends, and that God who had created the Universe cooked breakfast for these simple fisherman.  Just to be with them and enjoy their company.


This is one of the many reasons why Christians make such a big deal out of Jesus.