If you haven't ordered an activity pack, you will need these templates and other bits and bbs that would otherwise be in the pack.  We do still have some packs remaining and if you live in the Great Barr, Birmingham area then we can deliver.  Each pack costs £5.

Only day's 1 and 3 have templates.


Day 1 - Cactus Photo Holder - Download printable PDF here

You will also need three mini wooden craft pegs.


Day 2 - Harmonica/Kazoo - You will need to large wooden lolly sticks, two small elastic bands and a small strip of grease-proof paper.


Day 3 - Lizard Peg Craft - Download printable PDF here

You will also need a full size wooden clothes peg.


Day 4 - You will need a large wooden lolly stick, a jar lid and a few elastic bands that are big enough to fit over the jar.


Day 5 - You will need two squares of coloured paper.  One of the squares needs to have two of the edges cut off to make it slightly smaller than the first square.