10th - 14th August 2020


Holiday Club is going online this year!


Paul Willmott and Twist are joining us again this year by video link!

We will be video streaming all of the usual holiday club antics:

Bible stories, music, crafts and quizzes


Holiday Club is for children in reception up to Year 6.



How is this year different?


Due to corona virus we can't hold our usual holiday club in the church building, but we didn't want that to stop us!


Holiday club will be video streamed via our public FaceBook page.  You can find our page here, please 'Like' it so you will see our posts each day.


Short videos will be released throughout each day (3 videos roughly 15 minutes each).  You can watch them live one by one or later in the afternoon altogether if you want!  We want to interact as much as possible so hope we will be able to show off photos/videos you send in of crafts etc!


Holiday club will be free to access, however we are charging a small fee if you would like an activity pack delivered.


What is the activity pack?


The pack will contain all the usual puzzle and question pages as well as some fun goodies and useful craft bits and bobs.  You will need to have some of the craft resources yourself (e.g., a jar lid, some glue) but we will send out a list by email of what you will need.  We have tried to keep the craft simple this year!


We have decided to charge for the pack to help offset costs (holiday club always runs at a loss!) and we also didn't want to produce packs in advance that might go unused.


The activity pack will cost £5.


How do I register and order the activity pack?



We are asking you to register to help us organise the team quiz.  If you want an activity pack, you will have to register.


If you also want to buy an activity pack then select the option below.  You will need to provide your address where we will deliver the pack to and you can pay for the pack at that point.


The packs will be put together and delivered in a COVID-safe manner (masks and gloves).


Don't forget to register!


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I would like an activity pack (£5 payable on delivery):

You need to provide us with an address to deliver your activity pack to.

If you in the area local to the church we will hand deliver these.

If you are not in the Birmingham area we will contact you by email to try and work something out.

Delivery Address:*

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