We will be running this course through our house groups over the next couple of months starting the week of Monday 7th October.  Each session will be repeated in a different house group on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

If you are interested then please speak to the minister Tim Watson.


Our vision is to see our local community, transformed by the widespread experience of God’s grace. This local church being a gateway for the love, hope, peace and joy that come from Jesus Christ. Our vision is to be the ‘salt and light’ Jesus spoke of, right here in Great Barr; and to see the local church grow by the making of new followers of Jesus, who will love him and serve in his Kingdom. We seek the fulfilment of this vision by the Holy Spirit; through clear and contemporary teaching of Scripture, praise prayer and worship, and by sacrificial service to our local community, young and old, rich and poor. A church that will actively take a stand in the name of Jesus Christ against injustice and against evil. And demonstrate God’s love through social concern and action.

Birmingham is a city whose growth and prosperity arose with the industrial revolution. This was a period of invention and innovation. No surprise that in such changing times the city should adopt the phrase \'forward \' as its motto. There is also a great spiritual heritage in the city which has not just produced some great church leaders, but men of faith who have made a positive impact in the city and beyond such as George Cadbury, J R R Tolkien, and Joseph Chamberlain.

So although we are a small sub urban church we are part of a bigger picture, an unfolding story. And if you are able to visit us we hope that you will discover the truth of God\'s love for you, and your place in the story of our times.